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[der-muh-TAHL-uh-jist] a doctor who specializes in skin diseases.

Daniel Mark Siegel, MD, MS

... Dematologist, Immediate Past President of the American Academy of
Dermatology; Member of American Cancer Society medical editorial review ...


Dr. Len Says: When It Comes To Skin Cancer, Do As I Say ...

... by a group of five dermatologists who pointed ... who was a physician herself
studying dermatology at Duke ... dad to see a rousing dermatologist in our ...


Is it a mole or melanoma?

... Dr. Siegel a practicing dermatologist, immediate past president of the American
Academy of Dermatology, a past member of the American Cancer ...


Rates of Melanoma Deaths Differ by Education

... to have regular skin checks by a dermatologist. ... about melanoma and less
access to dermatologists. ... January 16, 2012 in Archives of Dermatology. ...



... Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology; 65(5) Supplement
1:5114-5123, November 2011. ... Archives of Dermatology. 2012 May. ...


Young Melanoma Survivor: Get Skin Checks, Use Sunscreen

... back. She convinced Schwartz to go to a dermatologist to have the moles
checked, which he did a couple of months later. ...


Melanoma Survivor Practices, Preaches Sun Safety

... skin cancer. Hughes was in her 50s in March 2013 when she visited
a dermatologist for the first time in her life. Several ...


How is melanoma skin cancer diagnosed?

... is suspected, you may be referred to a dermatologist (a doctor ... Along with a
standard physical exam, many dermatologists use a technique called ...


In Press Published

... Archives of Dermatology. Epub January 16, 2012. ... Journal of American
Academy Dermatology. 2011 Nov;65(5 Suppl 1):S58-68. ...


What if I find something suspicious? | American Cancer ...

... is suspected, you may be referred to a dermatologist (der-muh ... Along with a
standard physical exam, many dermatologists use dermoscopy ([der ...