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duct ectasia

[ek-tay-zhuh] widening of the ducts of the breast, often related to breast inflammation called periductal mastitis. Duct ectasia is benign (not cancer). Symptoms of this condition can include nipple discharge, swelling, retraction of the nipple, or a lump that can be felt.

Duct ectasia

... conditions. Duct ectasia. Duct ectasia (ek-tay-zhuh), also known as
mammary duct ectasia, is common in women over 50. ...


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... cell change, collagenous spherulosis, duct ectasia, fibrocystic changes ... on
a biopsy where there is ductal carcinoma in ... in the breast ducts or lobules ...


Non-cancerous Breast Conditions

... Duct ectasia ... These conditions are linked with the growth of cells in the ducts
or lobules of the breast tissue ... Moderate or florid ductal hyperplasia of ...


How benign breast conditions affect breast cancer risk

... cell tumor; necrosis; ectasia; lumps or tumors (lipoma, hamartoma ... growth of
cells in the ducts or lobules ... or florid ductal hyperplasia of the usual type ...


Benign breast conditions: Not all lumps are cancer

... shape. If it's growing into the tissue of the milk ducts, it may cause an
abnormal discharge from the nipple. ... Duct ectasia. Duct ...


Cancer Glossary

... ductal carcinoma in situ Search [duck-tul car-sin-O-ma ... are in lining of the milk
passages (ducts) but have not grown through the duct walls into ...


Finding benign breast conditions

... from more than one breast duct or from both breasts, it's often from a benign
condition such as fibrocystic changes or duct ectasia (described later ...



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Mastitis (mass-tie-tiss) is inflammation of the breast. ...


Intraductal papillomas

... in which there are very small areas of cell growth within the ducts, but they ...
The usual treatment is to remove the papilloma and a part of the duct it is ...


Other benign breast conditions

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affect breast cancer risk. Other non-cancerous breast conditions. ...