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[ih-sof-uh-gus]a hollow, muscular tube through which food passes from the mouth to the stomach. It lies behind the windpipe (trachea) and in front of the spine.

Esophagus Cancer | Learn About Cancer | American Cancer ...

... Esophagus Cancer. Cancers that start in the esophagus are much more
common in men than in women. ... Learn About Esophagus Cancer. ...


How is cancer of the esophagus treated?

... Previous Topic. Survival rates for cancer of the esophagus by stage. ... Surgery
for cancer of the esophagus. How is cancer of the esophagus treated? ...


What's new in cancer of the esophagus research and ...

... This may lead to new tests for finding the people who are likely to get Barrett's
esophagus and esophageal cancer earlier, so that these problems ...


What is cancer of the esophagus?

... Cancer of the esophagus (also referred to as esophageal cancer) starts in
the inner layer (the mucosa) and grows outward (through the submucosa ...


Surgery for cancer of the esophagus

... surgery, bile and stomach contents can enter the esophagus because the
muscle that normally controls this (the lower esophageal sphincter) is ...


How is cancer of the esophagus staged?

... Most esophageal cancers start in the innermost lining of the esophagus (the
epithelium) and then grow into deeper layers over time. ...


Recurrent cancer of the esophagus

... Esophageal cancer that recurs in distant parts of the body is treated like a stage
IV cancer (see “Treating cancer of the esophagus by stage” for ...


How is cancer of the esophagus diagnosed?

... CT scans are not usually used to diagnose esophageal cancer, but they can
help show where it is in the esophagus and if it has spread to nearby ...


Chemotherapy for cancer of the esophagus

... Many different chemo drugs can be used to treat esophageal cancer. ... that have
been used to treat cancer of the esophagus include doxorubicin ...


Endoscopic treatments for cancer of the esophagus

... Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a method that can be used to treat Barrett's
esophagus, esophageal pre-cancers (dysplasia), and some very early ...