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estrogen receptor assay

a lab test done on a sample of breast cancer cells to see whether they have estrogen receptors. The growth of normal breast cells and some breast cancers is stimulated by estrogen. Estrogen receptors are molecules that function as a cell’s “welcome mat” for estrogen circulating in the blood. Breast cancer cells without these receptors (called estrogen-receptor negative or ER-negative) are unlikely to respond to hormone therapy. Estrogen-receptor positive cancers are more likely to respond to hormone therapy. See also estrogen, hormone therapy.

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... hormones. See also hormone therapy, hormone receptor assay,
estrogen receptor assay, progesterone receptor assay. ...


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... testosterone. See also estrogen receptor assay, estrogen therapy,
hormone, hormone therapy, ovary. estrogen receptor ...


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... for patients. See also estrogen receptor assay, human epidermal growth
factor receptor 2, progesterone receptor assay. ...


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... be helped by medicines that block these hormones. See also biopsy,
estrogen, estrogen receptor assay, progesterone. ...


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... It seems to affect the risk of breast cancers that are estrogen receptor−positive
(ER-postive), but not those that are estrogen receptor−negative (ER ...


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... presence or absence of estrogen receptors (ER+/ ER-), progesterone receptors
(PR+/PR-), and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2+ ...


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... high-risk women by almost half during a 5-year study period.82 A second-
generation antiestrogen, a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM ...



... 雌激素受體分析(estrogen receptor assay):針對癌細胞樣本進行的化驗檢查,
以確 認是否存在雌激素受體。 正常乳房細胞和部分乳癌會經雌激素刺激 ...


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