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fallopian tubes

[fa-lo-pee-uhn] the tubes on either side of the uterus through which eggs travel from the ovaries to the uterus. See also uterus, ovaries.

Can Removing Fallopian Tubes Prevent Cancer ?

... have a hysterectomy, removing the fallopian tubes would lead to women going
through menopause earlier. One concern is that tube removal would ...


How is ovarian cancer staged?

... cancer. Stage II. Cancer is not inside the ovaries or fallopian tubes (if it
was, then it would be ovarian or fallopian tube cancer). ...


August 2012

... tube cancer than microscopic ovarian cancer in women with a BRCA1 or
BRCA2 mutation when they have their ovaries and fallopian tubes ...


Can ovarian cancer be prevented?

... Sometimes early fallopian tube cancers are found unexpectedly when the
fallopian tubes are removed as a part of a risk-reducing surgery. ...


What's new in ovarian cancer research and treatment?

... According to this theory, the early changes of these cancers can start in the
fallopian tubes. Cells from these very early fallopian tube cancers can ...


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... fallopian tube removal will reduce their risk beyond the extent to which it will
be lowered from hysterectomy or tubal ligation that leaves the tubes in ...


Debbie Saslow

... tube cancer than microscopic ovarian cancer in women with a BRCA1 or
BRCA2 mutation when they have their ovaries and fallopian tubes ...


Ovarian Cancer

... is limited to one or both ovaries, the patient may be treated by removing the
ovary or ovaries containing the cancer and the fallopian tube or tubes. ...


What is ovarian cancer?

... ovaries. Some experts believe that PPC may start in the cells lining the
fallopian tubes. Like ... cancer. Fallopian tube cancer. This ...


Surgery for cervical cancer

... can be controlled through the tube, so the ... and removes tissue through the tubes
without making ... the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes through the ...