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false positive

test result implying a condition exists when in fact it does not.

What are the limitations of mammograms?

... Breasts usually become less dense as women age, and so false negatives
are more common among younger women than ... False-positive results. ...


Mammograms Still Count For Women In Their 40s

... risk of cancer), overdiagnosis of cancers that would never cause a problem
for a woman during her lifetime (a known fact), false positive test results ...


The Dilemma (Part 3): New Research Report

... If all positive PSA tests are confirmed by this test ... Current cancer determination
with the needle have false negatives and positives and usually ...


CT Screening For Lung Cancer: Caution Ahead

... I talk with colleagues around the country, this issue of false positive CT scans ...
being found elsewhere in the body that may be “false positives” (that is ...


New Strategy Aims to Diagnose Ovarian Cancer Earlier

... up a positive ovarian screening.”. “If we could find even half of ovarian cancers
without finding more than a few false positives,” said Saslow, “that ...


Prostate Cancer Early Detection: Update 2010

... Page 35. False Positive Results Age (in years) # With ... extent is unclear ▪ False
negatives and false positives are common. ▪ Overdiagnosis and ...


April 2010

... I talk with colleagues around the country, this issue of false positive CT scans ...
being found elsewhere in the body that may be “false positives” (that is ...


Is a Pap test necessary every year?

... early doesn't increase by much with false negatives right ... I have had quite a
few false positives during the ... I have had positive paps almost every year ...


The MRI Dilemma: Is It A Better Screening Tool?

... (A false positive is when the ... that looks like a breast cancer, but turns out to
be a benign lesion.) When you have a high rate of false positives, that in ...