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[fie-bro-sis] formation of scar-like (fibrous) tissue. This can happen anywhere in the body.

Fibrosis and simple cysts

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Hyperplasia. Fibrosis and simple cysts. Many ... Fibrosis. Fibrosis ...


The Role of Rehabilitation in a

... Autonomic dysfunction Page 20. Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome Page 21.
Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome Vascular and Tissue Sclerosis ...


For Women Facing a Breast Biopsy

... The 2 main types are fibrosis and/or cysts and other non-cancerous
or benign (be-nine) breast tumors. Fibrosis and cysts ...


Para la mujer que afronta una biopsia del seno

... Los dos tipos principales son fibrosis y/o quistes, y otros tumores
benignos del seno. Fibrosis y quistes La fibrosis y los ...


Non-cancerous Breast Conditions

... Having many lumps in both breasts is most often caused by the combination
of fibrosis and cysts (fibrocystic changes). ... Fibrosis and simple cysts ...


Afecciones no cancerosas de los senos

... Entre las afecciones benignas de los senos se encuentran: • Fibrosis y
quistes simples. • Hiperplasia. ... Fibrosis y quistes simples ...


What is breast cancer?

... Still, some may need to be biopsied (sampled and viewed under a
microscope) to prove they are not cancer. Fibrosis and cysts. ...


Finding benign breast conditions

... The most common benign breast lumps are fibroadenomas (fi-bro-ad-uh-NO-
muhs) and a combination of fibrosis (fie-bro-sis) and cysts (sists) that's ...


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... Pulmonary dysfunction • Pulmonary fibrosis • Iron overload ... Hearing loss – Iron
overload – Pulmonary fibrosis or dysfunction • For low BMD: ...