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a piece of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) inside a cell that has the information to make a specific protein. Genes are responsible for inherited traits such as hair color, eye color, and height, as well as susceptibility to certain diseases. See also deoxyribonucleic acid, mutation.

Genes And The Treatment of Cancer: A Breakthrough

... Genes And The Treatment of Cancer: A Breakthrough. ... Both patients responded
to the gene/lymphocyte therapy, and both are now free of disease at ...


Breast cancer risk factors you cannot change

... Changes in other genes: Other gene mutations can also lead to inherited
breast cancers. These gene mutations are much ...


Genes and Cancer

... Learn About Cancer » What Causes Cancer? » Genetics and Cancer » Genes
and Cancer. Share this Page. Close. ... Genes and Cancer. ...


What are genes? | American Cancer Society

... We have 2 versions (copies) of most genes – one from each parent. For some
versions of a gene, only one copy is needed to see a certain quality ...


Genes, mutations, and cancer risk

... Usually several gene changes are needed before a cell becomes cancer.
To learn more about different types of cancer-related genes, please see ...


Changes in genes | American Cancer Society

... That means for most genes, it takes 2 mutations to make that gene stop working
completely. ... Other ways cells change genes and gene activity. ...


New cancer genes: should I run to be tested?

... American Cancer Society Expert Voices. The American Cancer Society. New
cancer genes: should I run to be tested? August 07, 2013 ...


ASCO: Genes, Targets, and The Future

... Dr. Len's Cancer Blog. The American Cancer Society. ASCO: Genes,
Targets, and The Future. by Dr. Len June 04, 2006 ...


The Amazing Analysis of Genes That Cause Cancer

... They then selected a reference standard of normal genes against which the
cancer genes could be compared. They took gene samples from 11 ...


Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes | American Cancer ...

... genes have been found in some family cancer syndromes. They cause certain
types of cancer to run in families. But most tumor suppressor gene ...