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genetic counselor

a specially trained health professional who helps people as they consider genetic testing, as they adjust to the test results, and as they consider whatever screening and preventive measures are best for them. They can also help a person understand what their results may mean for other family members, See also genetic counseling, genetic testing.

Genetic counseling and testing for retinoblastoma

... with retinoblastoma, your doctor may suggest your family consider genetic
counseling. ... Meeting with a genetic counselor can give you a better idea ...


Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know

... » Genetics and Cancer ... A doctor or a genetic counselor who knows about the
diseases in your family is better able to talk with you about your risks ...


What happens during genetic testing?

... Genetics and Cancer ... doctor can probably refer you to a genetic counselor
in your ... After risk assessment and genetic counseling, if you decide to be ...


Who should have genetic testing?

... Genetics and Cancer ... testing does not always give you clear answers, genetic
counselors are trained ... If a mutation is found, the counselor will talk to ...


Genetic Testing for Cancer: What You Need to Know

... If a mutation is found, the counselor will talk to you ... Reputable genetics
counselors (see the section below, “Genetic counseling”) can help ...


Cancer Glossary

... The purpose of counseling is to explore what the genetic test results might
mean, help them ... See also gene, genetic counselor, genetic testing. ...


Genetic Tests and Breast Cancer Risk: Not Perfect

... can not afford the genetic testing and I ... you have counseling with a genetics
counselor before and ... clear understanding from the counselors and your ...


To learn more

... counselors, and a directory of genetic counselors. ... to cancer genetics (cancer
risk assessment, genetic counseling, genetic susceptibility testing ...


Can colorectal cancer be prevented?

... should talk with your doctor about genetic counseling to review ... This is why
meeting with a genetic counselor or cancer genetics professional is ...


What are the drawbacks of genetic testing?

... Reputable genetics counselors (see the section below, “Genetic counseling”)
can help you know what to expect from your test results. ...