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genetic testing

tests that can be done to see if a person has certain gene changes known to increase the risk of cancer or other diseases. Such testing is not recommended for everyone, but for people with certain types of family history. Genetic counseling should be part of the genetic testing process. See also genetic counseling, hereditary cancer syndrome.

Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know

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What is genetic testing?

... All of these forms of genetic testing, including predictive gene testing, look
for gene changes that are passed from one generation to ...


What's the future of genetic testing?

... able to look at more than one gene at a ... In the future, this type of DNA testing
may help ... Over the past few years, some genetic tests, marketed for a ...


What are the drawbacks of genetic testing?

... The test results might also affect future relationships with a ... to be done as a
result of genetic testing. For example, if a gene mutation for colorectal ...


The HPV DNA test

... The HPV gene test can be used in combination with the Pap test to ... An HPV
DNA test has been approved by the FDA to be ... Follow-up of HPV testing. ...


Who pays for genetic testing?

... Genetic testing is complicated, and it can cost a lot. Some tests cost more
than others, but the final bill can be thousands of dollars. ...


What are the benefits of genetic testing?

... Testing is not perfect, but it can often help you make decisions about your health.
A negative result on a genetic test in families at risk for a specific ...


What happens during genetic testing?

... Even after the testing is complete there's often a ... is negative, it means the gene
mutation that ... it's important to understand that genetic test results can ...


Who should have genetic testing?

... Although testing does not always give you clear answers, genetic counselors
are ... to know exactly which mutation was found and in which gene. ...


What if genetic testing shows an increased cancer risk?

... you can to find cancer early (through testing and awareness ... Likewise, a woman
with a genetic mutation that ... If you have a gene mutation that raises ...