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high risk

a person’s chance of developing a disease such as cancer when it’s much greater than that normally seen in the general population. People may be at higher risk of cancer from many factors, including heredity, personal habits (such as smoking), the environment (such as overexposure to sunlight), and many others. See also risk factor.

Should women at high risk for breast cancer take drugs to ...

... even with small amounts, the higher her chance ... Tamoxifen and raloxifene
appropriate for high-risk women. ... drugs slightly increase the risk of strokes ...


What are the risk factors for non-small cell lung cancer?

... Southeast Asia and South America with high levels of ... lung cancer may have
a slightly higher risk of lung ... the end, where tar content is the highest. ...


What are the risk factors for ovarian cancer?

... The risk seemed to be highest in women who did not ... The risk also gets higher
the more relatives you ... This syndrome is linked to a high risk of breast ...


Diet and activity factors that affect risks for certain cancers

... the risk of lung cancer, the risks from tobacco ... risk of stomach cancer, while
a high intake of salt ... possibly processed meat, is linked with a higher risk. ...


What are the risk factors for kidney cancer? | American Cancer ...

... the known inherited conditions listed previously) have a higher chance of ... This
risk is highest in brothers or sisters of those with ... High blood pressure. ...


What are the risk factors for prostate cancer?

... a lot of calcium (through food or supplements) may have a higher risk of
developing prostate cancer. Dairy foods (which are often high in calcium ...


What are the risk factors for cancer of the esophagus?

... looks more like normal cells, while high-grade dysplasia ... The risk of cancer
is highest if dysplasia is ... and the longer it is used, the higher the cancer ...


What are the risk factors for endometrial cancer?

... is important to look at all of the risks and benefits ... is the main way in which a
high fat diet ... study women who spent more time sitting had a higher risk. ...


What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

... smoking is linked to a higher risk of breast ... have found that the risk is highest
in certain ... smoke contain chemicals that, in high concentrations, cause ...


What are the risk factors for cervical cancer?

... especially when it is caused by certain high-risk HPV types ... are older than 35 −
past the age of highest risk. ... disease are 2 to 3 times higher than if no ...