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[hiss-tah-luh-jee] how cells or tissues look under a microscope. The histologic examination of cells and tissues is done by a doctor called a pathologist. See also pathologist.

Survival rates for Wilms tumor by stage and histology

... Next Topic. How is Wilms tumor treated? Survival rates for Wilms tumor by
stage and histology. ... Tumor Stage. Favorable Histology. ...


Treatment by type and stage of Wilms tumor

... Treatment for Wilms tumor is based mainly on the stage of the cancer and
whether its histology (appearance under the microscope) is favorable or ...


Neuroblastoma risk groups

... Any child who is Stage 4S (younger than age 1), whose cancer has favorable
histology, is hyperdiploid (excess DNA) and has no extra copies of ...


Wilms Tumor

... More than 9 of 10 Wilms tumors have a favorable histology. ... Page 17.
Survival rates for Wilms tumor by stage and histology ...


What's new in Wilms tumor research and treatment?

... tumors. Earlier studies found treatments that were very effective in
curing Wilms tumors with favorable histology. Current ...


What is Wilms tumor?

... Types of Wilms tumor. Wilms tumors are grouped into 2 major types based
on how they look under a microscope (their histology): ...


How is neuroblastoma staged?

... Tumor histology. Tumor histology is based on how the neuroblastoma
cells look under the microscope. Tumors that contain ...


What do you really learn from a path report?

... cancer and the kinds of treatment doctors are considering, but testing almost
always starts with what is often called "routine histology." This involves ...


Cancer Research: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities

... We have used a mid-19th century definition of cancer using histology (what
cells look like under a microscope) and we are moving into a 21st ...