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hormone receptor

a protein on a cell’s surface or within the cell cytoplasm that binds to a hormone. Some tumors can be tested for hormone receptors to see if they can be treated with hormones or anti-hormones. See also hormone therapy, hormone receptor assay, estrogen receptor assay, progesterone receptor assay.

Hormone therapy for breast cancer

... About 2 out of 3 of breast cancers are hormone receptor-positive — they contain
receptors for the hormones estrogen (ER-positive cancers) and/or ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer

... Cancers that have hormone receptors in the cells (are ER-positive
or PR-positive) are called hormone receptor-positive. ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer in men

... it appears to compete for hormone receptor sites in ... to other forms of hormone
therapy ... levels of testosterone and other androgens (male hormones). ...


Cancer Glossary

... for hormone receptors to see if they can be treated with hormones or
anti-hormones. See also hormone therapy, hormone receptor assay, estrogen ...


Treatment of invasive breast cancer, by stage

... The tumor contains hormone receptors and hormone ... the levels of certain
hormones to determine ... and who have hormone receptor–positive tumors ...


Cancer Glossary

... krin]. manipulation of hormones to treat ... assay, estrogen therapy, hormone,
hormone therapy, ovary. ... receptors (called estrogen-receptor negative or ...


Tumor markers found on the cancer itself

... These 2 hormones often fuel the growth of ... Hormone receptor-positive breast
cancers tend to grow ... outlook than cancers without these receptors. ...


How is breast cancer found?

... Hormone receptor status: Hormone receptors are proteins in cells that
can attach to hormones in the blood. Estrogen and ...


How is inflammatory breast cancer diagnosed?

... The cells are tested for the hormone receptors estrogen receptor (ER)
and progesterone receptor (PR). If the cancer cells ...


Study Quantifies Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

... The risk of recurrence seemed to be affected by the hormone receptor
status of the cancers, as well. The 5-year recurrence ...