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a special kind of care for people in the final phase of illness, as well as their families and caregivers. The care usually takes place in the patient’s home or in a home-like facility. See also palliative treatment.

Hospice Care

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Choosing hospice care

... Your doctor or hospital discharge planner can help you find hospices in your
area. Hospice care providers also are listed in the phone book. ...


What is hospice care?

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Who pays for hospice care?

... or does not cover all costs, the patient and the family can hire hospice providers
and pay for services out of pocket. Some hospices are able to ...


Where is hospice care given?

... Many communities have free-standing, independently owned hospices that
feature inpatient care buildings as well as home care hospice services. ...


Who provides hospice care?

Hospice care can be provided by independent hospices, or through programs
based in hospitals, nursing homes, or other health care systems. ...


Deciding on hospice care

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Choosing a hospice care program

... But some hospices, most often the bigger ones, do allow you to add
hospice care to your current medical treatment. Still ...


What does hospice care provide?

... All hospices must provide certain services, but they tend to have different ...
Although most hospice care is centered in the home, there might be times ...


How do I find hospice care?

... Your doctor or hospital discharge planner can help you find hospices in your
area. Hospice care providers also are listed in the phone book. ...