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[hiss-ter-EK-tuh-me] an operation to remove the uterus. This can be done through an incision (cut) in the abdomen (belly), through a few small cuts in the lower belly (called laparoscopic hysterectomy), or through the vagina. The ovaries may be removed (oophorectomy) at the same time, as may the fallopian tubes (salpingectomy). See also uterus, oophorectomy, ovary, vagina.

Radical hysterectomy

... sexual function. Next Topic. Radical cystectomy. Radical hysterectomy. ...
Effects of hysterectomy on bladder function. A radical ...


Surgery for uterine sarcomas

... Hysterectomy. This surgery removes the whole uterus (the body of the
uterus and the cervix). This ... Radical hysterectomy. This ...


Surgery for cervical cancers and pre-cancers

... radical hysterectomy with lymphadenectomy. Robot-assisted laparoscopic
surgery is also sometimes used to perform radical hysterectomies. ...


Surgery for endometrial cancer

... Hysterectomy. The main treatment for endometrial cancer is an operation
to remove the uterus and cervix (called a hysterectomy). ...


Surgery for endometrial cancer

... Standard (or “open”) hysterectomies are done two ways: In an abdominal
hysterectomy, the uterus is removed through a cut (incision) in the belly; ...


Surgery for gestational trophoblastic disease | American ...

... Hysterectomy. ... Vaginal hysterectomy: Less often, if the uterus is not too large,
it may be detached and removed through the vagina. ...


Surgery for pre-cancers and cancers of the cervix

... or pelvic lymph nodes may be taken out during the same operation, but this
isn't a part of every hysterectomy. Types of hysterectomies differ in ...


Treatment options for cervical cancer by stage

... For adenocarcinoma in situ, hysterectomy is usually recommended. ... After the
woman has finished having children, a hysterectomy is recommended. ...


Surgery for vaginal cancer

... This operation is rarely used to treat vaginal cancer. Hysterectomy. ... This
operation is called a hysterectomy or total hysterectomy (TH). ...


Can Removing Fallopian Tubes Prevent Cancer ?

... Some doctors are already encouraging all women who are seeking tubal
ligation, hysterectomy, and other abdominal surgery to have their ...