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[ill-ee-OSS-tuh-me] an operation in which the end of last part of the small intestine, the ileum, is brought out through an opening called a stoma on the abdomen (belly) to allow feces (stool) to leave the body. It is sometimes done after part of the intestine has been removed. Stool that leaves the body through this opening tends to be unformed or liquid because it hasn’t been through the large intestine.

Ileostomy Guide

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What is an Ileostomy?

... The normal digestive system. What is an Ileostomy? ... Sometimes, only part of
the colon and rectum are removed. What does an ileostomy do? ...


Living with an ileostomy

... Learning to live with an ileostomy may seem like a big project. ... a trusted friend,
nurse, clergy, and certainly another person with an ostomy may help ...


Ileostomy: A Guide

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Ileostomy management

... This guide offers you tips and ideas for managing your ileostomy. Discuss
these ideas with your doctor or ostomy nurse and adapt them to your ...


Ileostomy problems

... There will be times when your ileostomy does not have output for short periods
of time. ... Call your doctor or ostomy nurse right away if this happens. ...



... body. An ostomy can allow wastes to leave from the intestines (ileostomy
or colostomy) or from the bladder (urostomy). The ...


Ileostomy: A Guide

... If you feel you are being treated unfairly because of your ileostomy, check
with the United Ostomy Associations of America or with a local legal ...


For parents of children with ileostomies

... It helps to talk to a good friend, the doctor, clergy, an ostomy nurse,
or the parents of a child who has an ileostomy. This ...


Ileostomy Guide

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