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[im-yuh-NAHL-uh-jee] study of the immune system, including how the body recognizes self and not-self, how it responds to infection and other foreign challenges such as immunizations, organ transplants, allergens, and more. Knowledge gained in this field is important to cancer treatments that activate the immune system and/or substances that behave like parts of the immune system to help fight cancer. See also immune system, immunotherapy.

Leukemia, Immunology & Blood Cells | American Cancer ...

The American Cancer Society's Peer Review Committee for Leukemia,
Immunology and Blood Cell Development analyzes leukemia, lymphomas ...


William H. Chambers, PhD | American Cancer Society ...

William H. Chambers, PhD is the Director of the Clinical Cancer Research
and Immunology Program for the American Cancer Society. ...


Investigator/Institution Missouri

... (LIB) Bhattacharya, Deepta, PhD Washington University, St. Louis Department
of Pathology and Immunology 660 S. Euclid Avenue St. ...


Investigator/Institution North Carolina

... Arthur, Janelle C., PhD Mentor: Sartor, R. Balfour, MD University of North
Carolina, Chapel Hill Microbiology & Immunology 7309A Biomolecular ...


August 2006

... When I started my oncology career many years ago my research focus
was on the immunology and immunotherapy of cancer. ...


Genes And The Treatment of Cancer: A Breakthrough

... When I started my oncology career many years ago my research focus
was on the immunology and immunotherapy of cancer. ...


Extramural Grants Staff Contacts | American Cancer Society

... cancer.org. Clinical Cancer Research and Immunology. ... Leukemia, Immunology,
and Blood Cell Development (LIB). William Chambers ...


Investigator/Institution Tennessee

... (LIB) Chi, Hongbo, PhD Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital Department
of Immunology 262 Danny Thomas Place Memphis, TN 38105 ...


Investigator/Institution California

... Beyhan Pelvan, Sinem, PhD Mentor: Sil, Anita, PhD, MD University of California,
San Francisco Department of Microbiology and Immunology S-469 ...