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informed consent

a process in which a patient receives a full explanation of a test, procedure, or treatment, including the risks, benefits, and possible alternatives, and then signs a form stating that they have received this information and that they agree to the test, procedure, or treatment.

Informed Consent

... apply? How will I be given information for informed consent? What
questions should I ask during informed consent? Can ...


Informed consent for radiation therapy | American Cancer ...

... Informed consent for radiation therapy. ... saying that you have gotten this
information, you understand it ... Before signing the consent form, be sure that ...


Informed Consent

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What is informed consent and what does it involve?

... you will likely need separate informed consents, for instance ... Informed consent
is a process that includes all of ... are told (or get information in some ...


How is informed consent for a clinical trial or research study ...

... Informed consent for a clinical trial or investigational drug ... standard treatment)
usually includes more information than the consent for standard ...


To learn more about informed consent

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What questions should I ask during informed consent?

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Who besides the patient is allowed to consent?

... become unable to take in information and make your wishes known, another
person may be asked to take part in the process of informed consent. ...