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local excision

[lo-kul eck-si-zhun] surgery to remove small superficial (surface) cancers or polyps. See also lesion, polyp.

Local therapy for Kaposi sarcoma | American Cancer Society

... This can be done in different ways. Simple excision: For this procedure,
the skin is first numbed with a local anesthetic. ...


Surgery for vaginal cancer

... The extent of the surgery depends on the size and stage of the cancer. Local
excision. ... For VAIN, a local excision may be all that is needed. ...


Surgery for colorectal cancer

... Polypectomy and local excision. ... Local excision removes superficial cancers
and a small amount of nearby tissue. Rectal surgery. ...


Treatment of gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors by stage ...

... the size of the tumor and whether it is growing into nearby tissues, other options
include surgery to remove the tumor (local excision), removing all ...


Treatment of vulvar adenocarcinoma

... If Paget's disease is present and there is no associated invasive carcinoma,
treatment is wide local excision or simple vulvectomy (see “Surgery for ...


Treatment options by stage and type of vaginal cancer

... cancer. Surgery may involve a wide local excision, removing the
abnormal area and a rim of surrounding normal tissue. A ...


Treating Merkel cell carcinoma based on the extent of the ...

... nodes. After the biopsy, the main tumor on the skin is treated with wide
local excision to try to remove all of the cancer. If ...


Treatment by stage of colon cancer

... This may be done in most cases by polypectomy (removing the polyp) or
local excision through a colonoscope. Colon resection ...


Treatment of anal cancer, by stage | American Cancer Society

... Early stage anal melanomas are treated with surgery to remove the tumor
and a rim of surrounding normal tissue (local excision). ...


Cancer Glossary

... local anesthesia Search. see anesthesia. local excision Search [lo-kul
eck-si-zhun]. surgery to remove small superficial (surface) cancers or polyps. ...