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local recurrence

see recurrence.

What are the types of recurrence?

... There are different types of cancer recurrence: Local recurrence means that
the cancer has come back in the same place it first started. ...


What are the types of cancer recurrence?

... There are different types of recurrence: Local recurrence means that the
cancer has come back in the same place it first started. ...


Recurrent laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers | American ...

... Recurrence can be local (in or near the same place it started) or ... Local
recurrences in people who have already had limited surgery such as partial ...


Study Confirms Radiation Boosts Breast Cancer Survival

... surgery only showed that the treatment could reduce recurrences -- they
didn't ... and add to the data that prevention of a local recurrence can improve ...


Recurrent cancer of the esophagus

... recurrent or relapsed cancer. Cancer that comes back in or near where
it started is called a local recurrence. If it comes back ...


Understanding Recurrence

... Understanding Recurrence. Some cancers can come back or recur after
treatment. ... Living With Uncertainty - The Fear of Cancer Recurrence. ...


Treatment of breast cancer in men, by stage

... This is called regional recurrence. Local recurrence: This includes cancer
coming back in the breast or in the chest wall (near the mastectomy scar). ...


Treatment of invasive breast cancer, by stage

... Local recurrence: For women whose breast cancer has recurred locally,
treatment depends on their initial treatment. If you ...


Treating recurrence

... “Why can't I have the same treatment for my recurrence as I did ... for cancer that
has spread throughout the body because these local treatments can ...


Dealing With Recurrence or Progressive Illness

... Get Involved; Find Local ACS. Hero+%2D+Home+%2D+Birthday+profile+ ...
a Family Member Has Cancer » Dealing With Recurrence or Progressive ...