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local transanal resection

[lo-kul tranz-a-nuhl re-sek-shun] surgery for some small, early rectal cancers that is done with instruments put in through the anus, without cutting the abdomen (belly). The surgeon cuts through all layers of the rectum to remove invasive cancers as well as some normal rectal tissue, and then closes the hole in the rectal wall. Compare to low anterior resection. See also anus, invasive cancer, rectum.

Surgery for rectal cancer

... Local excision removes superficial cancers and a small amount of nearby
tissue. Local transanal resection (full thickness resection). ...


Treatment by stage of rectal cancer

... You can usually be treated with a polypectomy (removing the polyp), local
excision, or transanal resection and should need no further treatment. ...


Cancer Glossary

... local transanal resection Search [lo-kul tranz-a-nuhl re-sek-shun]. surgery
for some small, early rectal cancers that is done with instruments put in ...


Colorectal Cancer

... Local transanal resection (full thickness resection) As with polypectomy
and local excision, local transanal resection (also ...


Cáncer colorrectal

... coloca el catéter. Se suele administrar un anestésico local para
adormecer el área antes de insertar el catéter. Luego se ...