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low-dose rate brachytherapy

[brake-ee-THER-uh-pee]also called LDR brachytherapy. Treatment in which pellets or seeds of radioactive material are placed inside cylinders or thin needles, and put into the cancerous area. They are left in place for days at a time, and sometimes permanently. Compare to high-dose rate brachytherapy. See also brachytherapy, permanent brachytherapy.

Internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy)

... high-dose rate (HDR) or low-dose rate (LDR). ... needed to take out temporary
brachytherapy implants. ... Last Medical Review: 10/23/2013 Last Revised ...


Cancer Glossary

... This is different from low-dose rate brachytherapy, which uses lower doses
of radiation over a longer period of time and sometimes leaves the ...


Radiation therapy for cervical cancer

... Low-dose rate brachytherapy is completed in just a few days. ... The advantage
of high-dose rate treatment is ... Last Medical Review: 09/19/2014 Last ...


Radiation therapy for cancer of the cervix

... For low-dose rate treatment, the patient stays in the hospital ... High-dose rate
treatment is done as an ... Last Medical Review: 09/12/2014 Last Revised ...


Radiation therapy for prostate cancer

... Permanent (low dose rate, or LDR) brachytherapy. ... Temporary (high dose rate,
or HDR) brachytherapy. ... studies have found that the rates were no ...


Cancer Glossary

... See also high-dose rate brachytherapy, low-dose rate brachytherapy,
external beam radiation therapy, ionizing radiation. ...


Cancer Glossary

... surgical margin. low-dose rate brachytherapy Search [brake-ee-THER-
uh-pee]. also called LDR brachytherapy. Treatment ...


Cancer Glossary

... a form of low-dose rate brachytherapy in which pellets or seeds of radioactive
material are put in thin needles, and placed in the cancerous area. ...


Cancer Facts & Figures 2010

... Most centers use permanent, low-dose implants that gradually lose ... Rate per
100,000 ... risk factors, screening, and treatment) to reduce future rates. ...