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lymph node dissection

see lymphadenectomy.

Surgery for melanoma skin cancer

... or large, and a fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy or excisional biopsy finds
melanoma in a node or nodes, a lymph node dissection is usually ...


Treatment of specific instances of a cancer of unknown ...

... Surgery to remove axillary nodes (called an axillary lymph node dissection)
is done, and the breast on the same side may be treated with ...


Surgery for Merkel cell carcinoma

... If cancer is found in the nearby lymph nodes (on a sentinel lymph node biopsy
or another type of biopsy), a lymph node dissection is usually done. ...


Surgery for cervical cancers and pre-cancers

... check for lymph node spread, the surgeon might remove some of these lymph
nodes. This procedure is known as a lymph node dissection or lymph ...


Types of surgery for melanoma skin cancer

... node biopsy (or another type of lymph node biopsy) finds cancer, then a lymph
node dissection will likely be done to remove the other nodes in that ...


Surgery for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer

... be necessary to remove these lymph nodes (and other nearby tissues). This
operation, called a neck dissection or lymph node dissection, is done ...


Surgery for salivary gland cancer

... major purpose is to remove lymph nodes that might ... Possible risks and side
effects of lymph node removal. ... risks with a neck dissection are similar to ...


Less Surgery Is Better For Some Women With Breast Cancer ...

... a lumpectomy) and a sentinel lymph node biopsied and ... a further removal of
lymph nodes in their ... lymphadenectomy or axillary dissection) or no ...


Surgery for nasopharyngeal cancer

... dissection removes nearly all lymph nodes on one ... part of a radical neck
dissection or because ... more extensive neck dissections, physical therapists ...


Surgery for breast cancer

... not lymph nodes under the arm) it is called a simple (or total) mastectomy.
A simple mastectomy combined with an axillary lymph node dissection ( ...