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[lim-fad-uh-NECK-tuh-me] also called lymph node dissection. Surgical removal of one or more lymph nodes. After removal, the lymph nodes are looked at under a microscope to see if cancer has spread to them. See also lymph, lymph node, lymphatic system, lymphocyte.

Less Surgery Is Better For Some Women With Breast Cancer ...

... diagnosed as having cancer by standard techniques to either have a further
removal of lymph nodes in their armpit (lymphadenectomy or axillary ...


Surgery for penile cancer

... If the sentinel node contains cancer, a more extensive operation, known as
a lymph node dissection or inguinal lymphadenectomy, is done (see ...


Cancer Glossary

... laparoscopic lymphadenectomy Search [lap-uh-ruh-SKAH-pick limf-ad-uh-
NECK-tuh-me]. ... lymph node dissection Search. see lymphadenectomy. ...


Surgery for vaginal cancer

... Surgery to remove lymph nodes (lymphadenectomy). Surgery to remove
lymph nodes is called lymphadenectomy or sometimes ...


Surgery for stomach cancer

... In the United States, it is recommended that at least 15 lymph nodes are
removed (called a D1 lymphadenectomy) when a gastrectomy is done.. ...


Surgery for kidney cancer | American Cancer Society

... (Sometimes the adrenal gland can be left in place.) Nearby lymph nodes are
sometimes removed, too. This is called regional lymphadenectomy. ...


Surgery for Wilms tumors

... nodes are bean-sized collections of immune cells to which cancer often spreads.)
Lymph node removal is known as a regional lymphadenectomy. ...


How is prostate cancer diagnosed?

... In a lymph node biopsy, also known as lymph node dissection or
lymphadenectomy, one or more lymph nodes are removed to see if they contain ...


Treatment options for penile cancer, by stage

... with surgery. These cancers require an inguinal lymphadenectomy to
remove lymph nodes in the groin. Radiation therapy ...


Prostate Cancer

... In a lymph node biopsy, also known as lymph node dissection or
lymphadenectomy, one or more lymph nodes are removed to see if they contain ...