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[lim-fuh-DEE-muh] a complication in which fluid collects in the arms, legs, or other part of the body. This can happen after the lymph nodes and vessels are removed by surgery, injured by radiation, or blocked by a tumor that slows the normal fluid drainage. Lymphedema can happen even years after treatment and can become a life-long problem. See lymph, lymph node, lymphatic system.


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Lymphedema: What Every Woman with Breast Cancer Should ...

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Lymphedema after breast cancer treatment

Lymphedema, or swelling of the arm from buildup of fluid, may
occur any time after treatment for breast cancer. ...


Signs of lymphedema

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Lymphedema after breast cancer treatment

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Lymphedema | American Cancer Society

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For women who have lymphedema

If you develop lymphedema, there are treatments to reduce the swelling, keep
it from getting worse, and decrease the risk of infection. ...


To learn more about lymphedema

Lymphedema: Understanding and Managing Lymphedema After Cancer
Treatment is a book you can buy from your American Cancer Society. ...