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magnetic resonance imaging

[MRI] a method of taking detailed pictures of the inside of the body. Instead of using x-rays, MRI uses a powerful magnet to send radio waves through the body. The images appear on a computer screen as well as on film. Like x-rays, the procedure is painless, but some people may feel confined inside the MRI machine. See also imaging tests, x-ray.

Magnetic resonance imaging

... for breast cancer, screening magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is ... not all
hospitals and imaging centers have ... needed to capture the MRI image. ...


Magnetic resonance imaging

... resonance (MR), and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging. ... hard to
see using other imaging tests ... tissue responds to the magnetic and radio ...


Types of imaging tests

... Who does imaging tests and who interprets them? Types of imaging tests;
Computed tomography scan; Magnetic resonance imaging; ...


Imaging (Radiology) Tests

... use imaging tests to make pictures (images) of the ... Types of imaging tests;
Computed tomography scan; Magnetic resonance imaging; ...


What are imaging tests?

... waves, radioactive particles, or magnetic fields) through ... by body tissues create
an image or picture. ... Imaging tests are different from endoscopy (like ...


Who does imaging tests and who interprets them?

... A radiologist is a specialist in imaging techniques ... the person who usually reads
(interprets) the image made during ... etc.) may look at the images, too ...


Factors that determine which imaging tests are used in ...

... Many different scans are used to get images of what's happening inside the
body ... Where the tumor is and what type it is; some imaging studies work ...


Categories of some common imaging tests

... Who does imaging tests and who interprets them? Types of imaging tests;
Computed tomography scan; Magnetic resonance imaging; ...


Computed tomography scan

... Magnetic resonance imaging. ... The image shows your bones, organs, and soft
tissues more ... a computer, which calculates how the images overlap. ...


How are brain and spinal cord tumors diagnosed in children?

... Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. ... Magnetic resonance perfusion: For
this test, also known as perfusion ... A special type of MR image is then ...