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also written as m. A metric measure of length. It takes about 39.37 inches (or 100 centimeters) to equal 1 meter. See also centimeter, millimeter.

Smart Meters

... be measured. This is generally done with a meter. In the past, the data
from the meters had to be read by a person. More ...


Is your car killing you with benzene?

... Fact: The standard way to report levels of chemicals in air is mass per volume
(for example, mg per cubic meter or cubic foot), not mass per area ...


Heroes of

... Sharon Cohrs and her husband are avid mountain climbers, and in 2007 they
were preparing to climb Aconcagua (6,959 meters) in South America ...


Cancer Glossary

... meter Search. also written as m. A metric measure of length. It takes about
39.37 inches (or 100 centimeters) to equal 1 meter. ...


At Home

... Smart Meters. Smart meters measure the use of natural gas, water, or electricity
in your home, and report that usage back to the supplier. ...


Cancer Glossary

... centimeter Search [SEN-tuh-me-ter]. also written as cm. Metric measure
of length, 1/100 of a meter. ... See also meter, millimeter. ...


Power Lines, Electrical Devices, and Extremely Low ...

... The strength of an electric field is often expressed as volts per meter (V/m)
or for stronger fields kilovolts per meter (kV/m), where 1000 ... Smart Meters. ...


Putting Breast Cancer Cells to Sleep

... A nanoparticle is measured in nanometers, with 1 nanometer being a billionth
of a meter. (A human hair is about 80,000 nanometers wide). ...


Hope Lodge News

... The North Country Triathlon features a sprint-distance race with a 750-meter
swim, a 20-kilometer bike ride, and a 5-kilometer run, or for the more ...


Cancer Facts & Figures for Hispanics/Latinos 2012-2014

... account. A common scale is the body mass index (BMI), or ratio of weight
(in kilograms) to height (in meters, squared). For ...