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[mew-tay-shun] a change in the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of a cell. Most mutations do not cause cancer, and a few may even be helpful. But all types of cancer are thought to be due to mutations that damage a cell’s DNA. Some cancer-related mutations can be inherited (passed on from a parent). This means that the person is born with the mutated DNA in all the body’s cells. But most mutations happen after the person is born. These are called somatic or acquired mutations. This type of mutation happens in one cell at a time, and only affects cells that arise from the single mutated cell. See also cancer susceptibility genes, deoxyribonucleic acid, gene, inherited mutation, somatic mutation.

Genes, mutations, and cancer risk | American Cancer Society

... » Genetics and Cancer » Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know » Genes,
mutations, and cancer risk. ... Genes, mutations, and cancer risk. ...


Do we know what causes breast cancer?

... the women with high-penetrance mutations develop cancer, most cases of
cancer (including breast cancer) are not caused by this kind of mutation. ...


New finding may unlock secrets of BRCA mutations

... “Now that researchers can purify the protein, they can create a mutation in
the lab ... There are hundreds of different BRCA mutations, Phelps says. ...


Gene Mutation Linked to Hereditary Prostate Cancer

... The mutation was found in white families. Two other mutations on the
HOXB13 gene were found in African-American families. ...


Can breast cancer be prevented?

... a BRCA mutation recognize they also have a high risk of developing ovarian
cancer. Most doctors recommend that women with BRCA mutations ...


Do we know what causes colorectal cancer?

... In many cases, the first mutation occurs in the APC gene. ... Further mutations
may then occur in genes such as KRAS, TP53, and SMAD4. ...


Genes and Cancer

... Most cancers are caused by acquired mutations. This type of mutation is
also called sporadic, or somatic. Mutations and cancer ...


Family Cancer Syndromes

... on. An abnormal change in a gene is called a mutation. The 2 types
of mutations are inherited and acquired (somatic). ...


Changes in genes

... Most cancers are caused by acquired mutations. This type of mutation is
also called sporadic, or somatic. Mutations and cancer. ...


Do we know what causes ovarian cancer?

... means that if 100 women had a BRCA1 mutation, between 35 and 70 of them
would get ovarian cancer. For women with BRCA2 mutations the risk ...