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a result from lab tests or pathology findings in which the abnormality being looked for was not found. For example, when lymph nodes or other tissues are said to be negative for cancer, it means that no cancer was found there. See also lymph nodes.

Changing negative thoughts

... Overcoming depression. Changing negative thoughts. ... Write down the 3 negative
thoughts you have most often about yourself as a sexual person. ...


New Hope In Treating Triple Negative Breast Cancer

... New Hope In Treating Triple Negative Breast Cancer. ... I am a blck female
53yrs of age and have triple negative breast cancer. ...


Hormone therapy for breast cancer | American Cancer Society

... is helpful for hormone receptor-positive breast cancers, but it does not help
patients whose tumors are hormone receptor negative (both ER- and PR ...


Types of breast cancers | American Cancer Society

... Breast cancer can also be classified based on proteins on or in the cancer
cells, into groups like hormone receptor-positive or triple-negative. ...


MediaRoom - Press Releases

... Press Releases. Triple Negative Breast Cancer More Likely to be Diagnosed
in Black Women, Regardless of Socioeconomic Status. ...


Targeting Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

... Your Local Offices. Close. Targeting Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. ...


Perceptions of Positive and Negative

Page 2. Perceptions of Positive and Negative Life Changes Following Cancer: ...
survivors are common… BUT—What about negative changes? ...


How blood transfusions are done

... Each person also is either Rh-positive or Rh-negative (you either have Rh
or you don't). These 2 factors can be combined into 8 possible blood ...


How is breast cancer in men classified? | American Cancer ...

... If the results are 1+ (or 0), the cancer is considered HER2-negative. People
with HER2-negative tumors are not treated with drugs that target HER2. ...