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a state of being very overweight; in general, a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30. BMI is figured out based on height and weight, but is not an absolute measure for overweight or obesity. Because it cannot tell the difference between fat and muscle, other tests must be done to know whether a person with a high BMI is actually obese.

The obesity-cancer connection, and what we can do about it

... The American Cancer Society. The obesity-cancer connection, and what we
can do about it. February 28, 2013 ... Link between obesity and cancer. ...


A Weighty Question: Surgery For Obesity?

... A Weighty Question: Surgery For Obesity? ... But as obesity has marched
on, so have the numbers of these surgeries increased. ...


Body Weight and Cancer Risk

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Does body weight affect cancer risk?

An estimated 1 out of every 3 cancers in the United States is linked to
excess body weight, poor nutrition, or physical inactivity.


Nutrition, Health & Obesity Research Updates | American ...

... is dedicating millions of dollars in research grants related to learning more
about Nutrition and Physical Activity (NuPA) and Obesity and their ...


Diet and Physical Activity: What's the Cancer Connection?

How much do daily habits like diet and exercise affect our risk
for cancer? Much more than you might think.


World Cancer Day: A Focus On Childhood Obesity

... World Cancer Day: A Focus On Childhood Obesity. by ... The net result is
an increase in obesity, especially among children. And ...


The Impact of Obesity on Cancer Survivorship

... Page 2. Measuring obesity in studies • Body mass index (kg per m2) ... Page
12. Cancers where obesity influences risk and may impact prognosis ...


MediaRoom - Press Releases

... Press Releases. Press Releases. Mortality Risk of Overweight and Obesity
Similar for Blacks, Whites. Study is largest to date to investigate issue. ...


Plenary Session: Obesity & Cancer Survivorship

Page 1. Plenary Session: Obesity & Cancer Survivorship Page 2. Obesity &
Survivorship • 47-65% of US survivors are overweight or obese ...