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off label

the use of a drug to treat a condition other than that for which it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). See also investigational.

Off-Label Drug Use

... types of pain with tricyclic antidepressants is an example of off-label drug use.
This old class of antidepressant drugs is approved and labeled to be ...


Off-label Drugs And The Little Rooms

... the little room. What does “off-label” mean? When a new ... in the trial. That
then becomes the “labeled indication.”. When a drug ...


Revisiting Off-Label Cancer Drugs In Medicare

... Revisiting Off-Label Cancer Drugs In Medicare. ... Just because a cancer drug
is used “off-label” is not to say that it is bad medicine. ...


February 2009

... Finally, 3% of the patients in the study—or 19 people—got one of these drugs
“off label.” That actually is not a particularly large number. ...


Is Information Bad For Your Health?

... Finally, 3% of the patients in the study—or 19 people—got one of these drugs
“off label.” That actually is not a particularly large number. ...


Special things people with cancer need to think about

... But drugs used off label are only covered under Part D if the use is cited in
one of the reference standards for prescription drugs (called a ...


Chemotherapy | American Cancer Society

... Off-Label Drug Use. When a drug is used in a different way than described
in the FDA-approved drug label, it is said to be an "off-label" use. ...


Chemotherapy: The Right Drugs At The Right Dose

... Interestingly, the guidelines incorporate recommended treatment regimens
that include “off label” uses of chemotherapy drugs, where research has ...


Controlling Cancer Chemotherapy Costs in Medicare

... The article also comments on the huge reduction in Medicare expenses that
occurred when the off-label use of ESAs—which are drugs used by ...


Who Pays Depends on Who You Are and Where You Live

... the case, based on the literature and reports at scientific meetings, doctors
in the United States may start prescribing the drug in an “off label” status. ...