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[os-tee-o-puh-RO-sis] thinning of bone tissue, causing less bone mass and weaker bones. It is more common in older people and in people who have had certain types of cancer treatments. Osteoporosis can cause pain, deformity (especially of the spine), and broken bones. See also spine.

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... of treatments put these children at real risk for bone problems during their
lifetime, including bone necrosis and fractures related to osteoporosis. ...



... especially women, can benefit from keeping up with their calcium intake to
help prevent bone problems such as severe bone thinning (osteoporosis ...


Lifestyle-related risk factors for breast cancer

... combined with progesterone) has been used for many years to help relieve
symptoms of menopause and to help prevent osteoporosis (thinning of ...



... Trade/other name(s): Evista, Keoxifene. Why would this drug be used?
Raloxifene was first used to prevent osteoporosis (bone loss). ...


Physical Late Effects and Comorbidity

... adequate treatment for osteoporosis Page 33. ASCO Taskforce: ... “ Most women
with newly diagnosed BC are at risk of osteoporosis due to their age ...


Medicines to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

... Raloxifene (Evista ® ) is a drug that was first approved by the FDA to prevent
and treat osteoporosis (bone thinning) in women past menopause. ...


Preventing Breast Cancer: The STAR Trial Revisited

... This trial was designed to find out whether a drug called raloxifene, which
is commonly used to prevent and treat osteoporosis, was as effective as a ...


Medicamentos para reducir el riesgo del cáncer de seno

... El raloxifeno (Evista ® ) es un medicamento que primero fue aprobado por
la FDA para prevenir y tratar osteoporosis (adelgazamiento de los ...


December 2010

... The reports in question are the results of clinical trials of an osteoporosis drug
called zoledronic acid (ZOL, trade name Zometa®) which is routinely ...


Migraines Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

... For example, women with osteoporosis have a lower incidence of breast
cancer. That may be explained in part by the theory ...