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pain specialist

a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist who is an expert in pain control.

Facts about cancer pain treatment

... doctor consult with a pain specialist. Pain specialists may be oncologists,
anesthesiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, other doctors, nurses, or ...


Pain Medicines And The FDA: Changes Are Coming

... we are open to improve the package based on doctors' instructions. So
whenever we should modify anything or add pain management resources ...


What are the risks and side effects of cancer surgery?

... in our booklet called Guide to Controlling Cancer Pain. Infection: Infection
at the site of the wound is another possible problem. Doctors take great ...


Palliative therapy for bile duct cancer

... To relieve pain, doctors may deaden the nerves that convey sensations of
pain from the bile duct and intestinal area to the brain by injecting these ...


Health Professionals Associated With Cancer Care

... oncology clinical nurse specialist (on-kahl-o-jee klin ... are available to address
issues of pain control. palliative care specialists (pal-ee-uh-tiv): doctors ...


Surgery for kidney cancer | American Cancer Society

... removal can also be used to ease symptoms such as pain and bleeding. ... If
a radical nephrectomy is needed, many doctors and patients now prefer ...


Treatment of mesothelioma based on the extent of the cancer

... Some minor operations and types of radiation therapy can help relieve pain
if needed. Doctors can also prescribe strong pain-relieving drugs. ...


Understanding Cancer Surgery: A Guide for Patients and ...

... Will I be in a lot of pain? ... They may also be done to help doctors better
understand your ... Other specialists may be consulted or other tests done if you ...


What causes pain in people with cancer?

... you can get headaches, muscle strains, and other aches and pains. ... Pain from
procedures and surgery. ... If you and your doctors agree that such a ...


Palliative therapy for gallbladder cancer

... Pain medicines. Doctors can prescribe strong pain-relieving drugs
if needed. Some people with cancer may hesitate to ...