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[pal-ee-ate]to relieve symptoms, such as pain, nausea, or fullness. See also palliative treatment.

Surgery for malignant mesothelioma

... of 2 reasons: To try to cure the cancer; To relieve (palliate) pain and
other symptoms caused by the tumor. Surgery to try ...


Cancer Glossary

... control. palliate Search [pal-ee-ate]. to relieve symptoms, such as pain,
nausea, or fullness. See also palliative treatment. ...


Radiation therapy for small cell lung cancer

... Radiation can be used to shrink tumors to palliate (relieve) symptoms of lung
cancer such as bleeding, trouble swallowing, cough, shortness of ...


How is thyroid cancer treated? | American Cancer Society

... Sometimes treatment is aimed at palliating (relieving) symptoms such
as pain or problems with breathing and swallowing. ...


Radiation therapy for colorectal cancer

... therapy can also be given to help control rectal cancers in people who are
not healthy enough for surgery or to ease (palliate) symptoms in people ...


Radiation therapy for thymus cancer

... In people with advanced disease, radiation therapy can be used to help ease
(palliate) symptoms from the cancer such as shortness of breath, pain ...


Radiation therapy for bile duct cancer

... As palliative therapy: Radiation therapy is often used to palliate (relieve)
symptoms when a patient's cancer is too advanced to be cured. ...


Radiation therapy for kidney cancer | American Cancer ...

... Radiation therapy is more often used to palliate, or ease, symptoms of kidney
cancer such as pain, bleeding, or problems caused by cancer spread ...


Lung Cancer (Non-Small Cell)

... to make it easier to operate on. • To relieve (palliate) symptoms of
advanced lung cancer such as pain, bleeding, trouble ...


Colorectal Cancer

Page 1. Colorectal Cancer What is cancer? The body is made up of
trillions of living cells. Normal body cells grow, divide ...