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[pan-kree-us] an organ that lies behind the stomach and contains 2 different types of gland cells. One type makes enzymes that are released into the intestines to help digest food. The other type makes hormones including insulin and glucagon, which help regulate blood sugar. See also enzyme, endocrine glands, glandular cells.

Pancreatic Cancer | Learn About Cancer | American Cancer ...

... Pancreatic Cancer. Pancreatic cancer starts in the pancreas. Most pancreatic
cancers are exocrine tumors. Pancreatic neuroendocrine ...


How is pancreatic cancer treated?

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for pancreatic cancer. How is pancreatic cancer treated? ...


What's new in pancreatic cancer research and treatment?

... over many years in a series of steps known as pancreatic intraepithelial
neoplasia ... small number of genes, and the duct cells of the pancreas do not ...


What is pancreatic cancer?

... Exocrine tumors are by far the most common type of pancreas cancer. When
someone says that they have pancreatic cancer, they usually mean an ...


Pancreatic Cancer

... A combination therapy of gemcitabine with immunotherapy for patients with
inoperable locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Pancreas. ...


How is pancreatic cancer treated?

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for pancreatic cancer. How is pancreatic cancer treated? ...


How is pancreatic cancer diagnosed?

... The echoes made by most pancreatic tumors differ from those of normal
pancreas tissue. Different echo patterns can help ...


How is pancreatic cancer staged?

... It has not spread outside of the pancreas. These tumors are sometimes referred
to as pancreatic carcinoma in situ or pancreatic intraepithelial ...


What are the risk factors for pancreatic cancer?

... found several factors that affect a person's chance of getting cancer of the
pancreas. Most of these are risk factors for exocrine pancreatic cancer. ...


Pancreatic cancer survival by stage

... Cancer Data Base and are based on people diagnosed with exocrine cancer
of the pancreas between 1992 and 1998. Exocrine pancreatic cancer. ...