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Learn about pancreatic cancer from signs and symptoms, support resources,
treatment decisions, staying well after and more. ... Pancreatic Cancer. ...


.How is pancreatic cancer treated?

The 3 main types of treatment for exocrine pancreatic cancer are surgery,
radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. ... How is pancreatic cancer treated? ...


What's new in pancreatic cancer research and treatment?

Research into the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of pancreatic cancer is
under way in many medical centers throughout the world. ...


What is cancer?

... Learn About Cancer » Pancreatic Cancer » Detailed Guide » What is cancer?
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How is pancreatic cancer staged?

The stage of a pancreatic cancer (extent of disease at diagnosis) is the most
important factor in choosing treatment options and predicting a ...


How is pancreatic cancer diagnosed?

... and symptoms described here is present, certain exams and tests may be
done to find out whether they are caused by pancreatic cancer or by ...


How is pancreatic cancer treated?

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for pancreatic cancer. How is pancreatic cancer treated? ...


What is pancreatic cancer?

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key statistics about pancreatic cancer? What is pancreatic cancer? ...


What is cancer?

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Can pancreatic cancer be found early?

One reason for the often poor outlook for people with exocrine pancreatic
cancer is that very few of these cancers are found early. ...