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[pee-dee-uh-TRISH-un] a doctor who specializes in the care of children.

When Your Child's Treatment Ends: A Guide for Families

... Going back to the pediatrician. It's our hope that children with cancer maintain
a relationship with their regular pediatrician during cancer treatment. ...


Children Diagnosed With Cancer: Understanding the Health ...

... Find out what role the child's referring doctor or pediatrician will have during
this ... Pediatric resident: a doctor training to become a pediatrician. ...


Health Professionals Associated With Cancer Care

... pediatrician (PEE-dee-uh-TRISH-un): a doctor who specializes in caring for
children and teens, including the prevention of illness, primary health ...


List of Health Professionals

... with cancer. Pediatrician (pee-dee-uh-TRISH-un): a doctor who
specializes in caring for children, including the prevention ...


When to get help

... This means speaking with your child's teacher, guidance counselor, pediatrician,
or a counselor or social worker on staff where you are being ...


The Baby Is Still (Sun)Burning

... When I asked parents if their pediatrician had advised them about having their
baby out in the sun the response from ALL of them was that their ...


Cancer Facts & Figures 2014, Special Section: Cancer in ...

... family's pediatrician and hospice professionals to provide care to terminally
ill children to manage pain and other symptoms, help families to make ...


How is osteosarcoma treated? | American Cancer Society

... For children and teens, a team approach is recommended that includes the
child's pediatrician as well as children's cancer specialists. ...