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pelvic lymph node dissection

[pell-vick limf node diss-eck-shun] removal of the lymph nodes in the pelvis. See also lymph node, pelvic nodes, pelvis.

Surgery for cervical cancers and pre-cancers

... vaginal hysterectomy with a laparoscopic pelvic node dissection. ... of the abdomen
and pelvis to be ... surgeon can remove lymph nodes through the ...


Treatment options for endometrial cancer by stage

... have spread to the lymph nodes in the pelvis (stage IIIC1 ... in addition to the
TH/BSO, pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissections, and pelvic ...


Treatment options for squamous cell vulvar cancer by stage

... partial or complete radical vulvectomy) and lymph nodes in the ... organs and
tissues in the pelvis, such as ... the anus), the bladder, the pelvic bone, the ...


Surgery for pre-cancers and cancers of the cervix

... Pelvic lymph node dissection. Sometimes some lymph nodes from the
pelvis are removed to see if they contain cancer cells. ...


Surgery for endometrial cancer

... Pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissection: This operation removes lymph
nodes from the pelvis and the area next to the aorta to see if they ...


Surgery for vulvar cancer

... often removal of the pelvic lymph nodes, as well ... This procedure is called an
inguinal lymph node dissection. Usually only lymph nodes on the same ...


Treatment of specific instances of a cancer of unknown ...

... Cancer in groin lymph nodes. ... If more than one lymph node is found to contain
cancer, radiation ... Women with cancer throughout the pelvic cavity. ...


Treatment options for uterine sarcoma, by stage

... Pelvic lymph nodes may be removed as well. ... therapy and sometimes radiation
to the pelvis. ... oophorectomy), and lymph node dissection or sampling ...


Cancer Glossary

... These nodes are often removed and checked for cancer as part of surgery
to ... See also lymph node, pelvic lymph node dissection, pelvis, prostate. ...


Surgery for endometrial cancer

... out the stage of the cancer, lymph nodes in the pelvis and around ... Either way,
the removed lymph nodes are looked at to see if they ... Pelvic washings. ...