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[pe-nis] the male sex organ.

What is penile cancer?

... About the penis. The penis is the external male sexual organ, as well as
part of the urinary system. ... Benign conditions of the penis. ...


What treatments are available to help with erections?

... men to inject their penises with medicines that cause erections. A very thin
needle is used to put the drug into the side of the shaft of the penis a few ...


Surgery for penile cancer

... If the cancer is detected early, the tumor can often be treated without
having to remove part of the penis. If the cancer is ...


Penile Cancer

... About the penis The penis is the external male sexual organ, as well as part
of the urinary system. ... Page 5. Benign conditions of the penis ...


Surgery and sex

... How surgery can affect erections. It can cut down blood flow to the penis. ... It
can damage nerve bundles that control blood flow to the penis. ...


Dealing with sexual problems after cancer treatment

... Pills: The drugs Viagra ® , Levitra ® , and Cialis ® all help a man get and keep
an erection by helping more blood to flow to the penis. ... Smaller penis. ...


Long-term side effects of penile cancer treatment

... urine flow. In certain cases, a partial penectomy leaves enough of the
penis to allow relatively normal urination. Many men ...