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[pear-i-tuh-NEE-um] a thin membrane that lines the abdomen (belly) and covers most of its organs. Peritoneal cavity is the area enclosed by the peritoneum.

Survivor of Peritoneum Cancer Finds Answers on Cancer.org

... Stories of Hope. + -Text Size. Survivor of Peritoneum Cancer Finds
Answers on Cancer.org. Article date: April 30, 2013. "I ...


What is malignant mesothelioma?

... A similar condition that starts in the peritoneum is called solitary fibrous
tumor of the peritoneum. Adenomatoid mesothelioma. ...


How are gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors staged? | American ...

... T4: The tumor has grown into the serosa (the outer layer of tissue covering
the stomach, also called the visceral peritoneum) or into nearby organs ...


How is colorectal cancer staged?

... T4a: The cancer has grown through the serosa (also known as the visceral
peritoneum), the outermost lining of the intestines. ...


How is ovarian cancer staged?

... (The peritoneal cavity is the area enclosed by the peritoneum, a membrane
that lines the inner abdomen and some of the pelvis and covers most of ...


How is malignant mesothelioma staged?

... more than one place in the deeper layers of the chest wall (including the muscle
or ribs), through the diaphragm and into the peritoneum, into any ...


How is liver cancer staged?

... a nearby organ (other than the gallbladder), OR the tumor is growing into the
thin layer of tissue covering the liver (called the visceral peritoneum). ...


How is gallbladder cancer staged?

... (The most common sites of gallbladder cancer spread are the liver,
peritoneum [the lining of the abdominal cavity], and the lungs.). ...


Treatment for epithelial tumors of low malignant potential

... When LMP tumors spread, they can form tumor implants (deposits) on the
lining of the abdomen (the peritoneum) and on the surface of organs in ...


Malignant Mesothelioma

... The peritoneum coats the abdominal cavity and many of the organs within
that cavity. ... ribs • Through the diaphragm and into the peritoneum ...