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[pear-i-tuh-NEE-um] a thin membrane that lines the abdomen (belly) and covers most of its organs. Peritoneal cavity is the area enclosed by the peritoneum.

Survivor of Peritoneum Cancer Finds Answers on Cancer.org

... She was diagnosed with primary peritoneal carcinoma. This kind of cancer
is thought to develop from the cells in the peritoneum, which is the lining ...


What is ovarian cancer?

... names for this cancer include extra-ovarian (meaning outside the ovary) primary
peritoneal carcinoma (EOPPC ... This lining is called the peritoneum. ...


How is ovarian cancer staged?

... (The peritoneal cavity is the area enclosed by the peritoneum, a membrane
that lines the inner abdomen and some of the pelvis and covers most of ...


How is vulvar cancer staged?

... This stage, also known as carcinoma in situ, is not included in the FIGO system.
T1: The cancer is growing only in the vulva or perineum. ...


References: Ovarian cancer detailed guide

... III trial of chemotherapy with or without bevacizumab in patients with
platinum-sensitive recurrent epithelial ovarian, primary peritoneal, or fallopian ...


What is malignant mesothelioma?

... The peritoneum coats the abdominal cavity and many of the organs within
that cavity. ... Peritoneal mesotheliomas begin in the abdomen. ...


Cancer Glossary

... Peritoneal cavity is the area enclosed by the peritoneum. ... See also
brachytherapy, low dose rate brachytherapy, perineum, prostate. ...


How are gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors staged? | American ...

... T4: The tumor has grown into the serosa (the outer layer of tissue covering
the stomach, also called the visceral peritoneum) or into nearby organs ...


How is colorectal cancer staged?

... T4a: The cancer has grown through the serosa (also known as the visceral
peritoneum), the outermost lining of the intestines. ...


Surgery for malignant mesothelioma

... Cancers in the peritoneum often spread to this tissue, so it may be
removed as part of surgery for peritoneal mesothelioma. ...