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permanent brachytherapy

[brake-ee-THER-uh-pee] a form of low-dose rate brachytherapy in which pellets or seeds of radioactive material are put in thin needles, and placed in the cancerous area. The needles are removed and the pellets (seeds) are left in place and give off low-dose radiation for weeks or months until they become inert. Often used for prostate cancer, in which the pellets are put into the prostate through the skin behind the scrotum. See also brachytherapy, low dose rate brachytherapy, perineum, prostate.

Internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy)

... The main types of brachytherapy are intracavitary radiation and interstitial ... into
the body through the applicator(s). Some implants are permanent. ...


Cancer Glossary

... Compare to low-dose rate brachytherapy. See also brachytherapy, external
beam radiation therapy, permanent brachytherapy. ...


Radiation therapy for prostate cancer

... If you receive permanent brachytherapy seeds, they will give off small
amounts of radiation for several weeks. Even though ...


Radiation therapy for uterine sarcomas

... The skin covering the area that is exposed to radiation is carefully marked
with permanent ink or injected dye, similar to a tattoo. ... Brachytherapy. ...


Radiation therapy for breast cancer in men

... You might want to ask your health care team if these marks will be permanent. ...
These rare cancers can grow and spread quickly. Brachytherapy. ...


Radiation therapy for breast cancer

... want to ask your health care team if these marks will be permanent. ... partial
breast irradiation are described in the section, “Brachytherapy.” It is ...


Radiation therapy for endometrial cancer

... For endometrial cancer, HDR brachytherapy is often given weekly or even ...
covering the treatment area is carefully marked with permanent ink or ...


Cancer Glossary

... permanent brachytherapy Search [brake-ee-THER-uh-pee]. a form of low-dose
rate brachytherapy in which pellets or seeds of radioactive material ...


Radiation therapy for vaginal cancer

... to be more severe for external beam radiation than for brachytherapy. ... These
may range from mild temporary redness to permanent discoloration. ...