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[pit-too-it-air-ee]small gland underneath the brain which releases hormones that help control many of the other endocrine glands in the body. Also called the “master gland.” See also endocrine glands.

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How are pituitary tumors treated?

The treatment of a pituitary tumor is guided by whether it is a carcinoma (a
malignant tumor) or adenoma (a benign tumor). ... Pituitary Tumors. ...


What's new in pituitary tumor research and treatment?

Research into pituitary disease is under way in many university hospitals,
medical centers, and other institutions around the country. ...


Pituitary Tumors

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What are pituitary tumors?

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Surgery for pituitary tumors

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Treatment of pituitary carcinomas

Surgery and radiation therapy have been used to treat the rare cases
of pituitary carcinoma. ... Treatment of pituitary carcinomas. ...


Radiation therapy for pituitary tumors

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What is cancer?

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Medicines to treat pituitary tumors

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