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plastic or reconstructive surgeon

[re-kon-STRUCK-tiv] a surgeon specializing in restoring appearance or in rebuilding or replacing removed or injured body parts.

Choosing your plastic surgeon

... certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast reconstruction. ... find out if a
surgeon is board ... organization has a Plastic Surgery Information Service ...


Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

... it with your surgeon and a plastic surgeon experienced in ... least 2 months before
reconstructive surgery to allow ... be able to have reconstruction at all ...


Before surgery

... your breast surgeon and your plastic surgeon to work ... up with the best possible
plan for reconstruction. ... will explain which reconstructive options are ...


New choices in breast cancer surgery and reconstruction

... it with your surgeon and a plastic surgeon experienced in ... least 2 months before
reconstructive surgery to allow ... be able to have reconstruction at all ...


After breast reconstruction surgery

... depend on the type of surgery you had. ... Follow your surgeon's advice on when
to begin ... because it's different with different types of reconstruction. ...


Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

... Nipple and areola reconstruction; Choosing your plastic surgeon for breast
reconstruction; Before breast reconstruction surgery; After breast ...


Surgery for breast cancer | American Cancer Society

... If you are thinking about having reconstructive surgery, talk about it ... as well
as a plastic surgeon experienced in breast reconstruction before your ...


Nipple and areola reconstruction

... have the tattoo alone, without nipple and areola reconstruction. A skilled plastic
surgeon may be able to use ... is no longer favored by most surgeons. ...


Types of breast reconstruction

... of implants having to be removed after surgery when human ... is not used by
every plastic surgeon, but is ... will be used in your reconstruction and how ...


What is breast reconstruction?

... The surgery rebuilds the breast mound so that it is about the same size and
shape as it ... Breast reconstruction is done by a plastic surgeon. ...