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[pah-lup-ECK-tuh-me] surgery or procedure to remove a polyp. See also polyp.

Surgery for colorectal cancer

... Polypectomy and local excision. ... Several surgical methods can be used for
removing or destroying rectal cancers. Polypectomy and local excision. ...


Colorectal Cancer Facts and Figures 2014-2016.

Page 1. Colorectal Cancer Facts & Figures 2014-2016 *Either a fecal occult
blood test within the past year or a sigmoidoscopy ...


Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures: 2014-2015

... Surgical procedures for colorec- tal cancer include polypectomy (removal of
polyps), colectomy (removal of all or part of the colon), proctectomy ...


Treatment by stage of rectal cancer

... You can usually be treated with a polypectomy (removing the polyp), local
excision, or transanal resection and should need no further treatment. ...


Treatment by stage of colon cancer

... needed. This may be done in most cases by polypectomy (removing
the polyp) or local excision through a colonoscope. ...


Colorectal Cancer Facts & Figures 2011-2013

Page 1. *A fecal occult blood test within the past year or a sigmoidoscopy
or colonoscopy within the past 10 years. These ...


Colorectal Cancer Facts & Figures

... Carcinoma in situ i Surgery to take out the cancer may be accomplished by
polypectomy or local excision through the colono- scope. ...


Colorectal Cancer Facts & Figures 2008-2010

Page 1. Colorectal Cancer Facts & Figures 2008-2010 Page 2. Table
of Contents Preface 1 What is colorectal cancer? 2 ...


Cancer Glossary

... uterus. polypectomy Search [pah-lup-ECK-tuh-me]. surgery or procedure
to remove a polyp. See also polyp. portography ...


Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures 2012-2013

... Stage, 2008 Polypectomy alone Colectomy alone Colectomy + chemo
(+/-RT) Chemo and/or RT No treatment Chemo = chemotherapy ...