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positive margin

see surgical margin.

Surgery for breast cancer

... If the pathologist finds positive margins in the tissue removed with ... from the
tumor to the margin is also ... Even if the margins are “clear”, they could be ...


Surgery for osteosarcoma

... If cancer cells are seen at the edges of the tissue, the margins are called positive.
Positive margins can mean that some cancer was left behind. ...


Surgery for bone cancer

... If cancer cells were seen at the edges of the tissue, the margins are called
positive. Positive margins can mean that some cancer was left behind. ...


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... t turn into invasive cancer if left behind, having positive margins often doesn ...
The best way to treat LCIS with a positive margin is best discussed with ...


Treatment of soft tissue sarcomas, by stage

... or close margins. Positive margins mean that sarcoma cells were
growing into the edges of the tissue that was removed. ...


Treatment options for cervical cancer by stage

... If the pathology report says that the tumor had positive margins, this
means that some cancer might have been left behind. ...


Surgery for nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancers

... If the edges do contain cancer cells, the margins are said to be “positive
Positive margins make it more likely that some cancer was left behind. ...


Surgery for soft tissue sarcomas

... the specimen. If cancer cells are present at the edges, the tissue
removed is said to have positive margins. This means ...


How is breast cancer diagnosed?

... the prognosis for a woman with DCIS, include the surgical margin (how close ...
have estrogen receptors are often referred to as ER-positive (or ER+ ...


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... pre-cancer or another serious condition at or near the margin, such as ... If your
pathology report shows positive margins, your doctor will talk to you ...