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[pre-dis-puh-ZISH-un] susceptibility to a disease that can be triggered under certain conditions. For example, some women with close family members who had breast cancer are more likely (but not necessarily destined) to develop breast cancer. Women who inherit a variant of one of the breast cancer genes such as BRCA1 or BRCA2 are also more likely to (but still might not) develop breast cancer. See also BRCA1, BRCA2, hereditary cancer syndrome.


... Age Diabetes Family Predisposition to Heart Failure ... genetics? Page 17.
Understanding genetic predisposition to anthracycline cardiotoxicity ...


Global Cancer Facts & Figures - 2nd Edition

... Recent genetic studies suggest that strong familial predisposition may
be responsible for 5% to 10% of prostate cancers. ...


Breast Cancer Facts & Figures, 2013-2014.

... in either parent's extended family should discuss this with their physicians
because it may signal the presence of a genetic predisposition to cancer. ...



... 體質傾向(predisposition):在某些情況下,容易罹患某種疾病。例如,有些婦女
有乳 癌家族病史,因此較容易(但不一定絕對)罹患乳癌。 ...


Can small intestine adenocarcinoma be found early?

... If someone with a genetic predisposition has symptoms of small intestinal
adenocarcinoma (see the next section), they should be tested ...


References: Pituitary tumor detailed guide | American Cancer ...

... Vierimaa O, Georgitsi M, Lehtonen R, et al. Pituitary adenoma predisposition
caused by germline mutations in the AIP gene. Science. ...


References: Neuroblastoma detailed guide

... Mosse YP, Laudenslager M, Longo L, et al. Identification of ALK as a major
familial neuroblastoma predisposition gene. Nature. ...


Cancer Facts & Figures - 2013

Page 1. Cancer Facts & Figures 2013 AL 27,080 AZ 34,010 AR 16,330 CA
171,330 CO 23,410 CT 21,180 DE 5,370 FL 118,320 GA 49,280 ...


Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans 2009-2010

Page 1. Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans 2009-2010 Page 2.
Table of Contents Cancer Statistics 1 Selected Cancers 8 ...


Cancer Glossary

... pre-disposition Search [pre-dis-puh-ZISH-un]. susceptibility to a disease
that can be triggered under certain conditions. ...