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... (“Prostheses” refers to more than one; just one is called a prosthesis,
pronounced pross-thee-sis ... Find out if you might need a prosthesis. ...


Surgery for Ewing tumors

... is replaced either with a bone graft (piece of bone from another part of the
body or from another person) or with an internal prosthesis (a rod-shaped ...


Body image after breast cancer treatment | American Cancer ...

... A breast form is a prosthesis (artificial body part) worn either inside a bra or
attached to the body to simulate the appearance and feel of a natural ...


Surgery for osteosarcoma | American Cancer Society

... is replaced with a bone graft (piece of bone from another part of the body or
from another person) or with an internal prosthesis (a man-made ...


Surgery for testicular cancer

... To restore a more natural look, a man can have a testicular prosthesis
surgically implanted in his scrotum. The prosthesis ...


What treatments are available to help with erections?

... Penile prostheses or implants. Surgery to implant a prosthesis in the penis
was the first really successful treatment for medical erection problems. ...


Surgery for bone cancer

... This cuff fits into the end of an artificial limb (or prosthesis). After surgery, a
person must learn how to use the prosthesis in rehabilitation. ...


Joking About Cancer is OK - Sometimes

... The majority of my friends, much to my surprise, were fascinated by the logistics
of the whole thing, from how the prosthesis was made to weirder ...


Cancer Glossary

... Also, can mean a natural or artificial structure (called a prosthesis) inserted
into the body to restore the shape or function of an organ after surgery ...