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radical prostatectomy

[rad-ick-uhl pros-tuh-TECK-tuh-me] surgery to remove the entire prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, and nearby tissue. See also prostate, seminal vesicles.

Surgery for prostate cancer

... different ways. Open approaches to radical prostatectomy. ... below. Laparoscopic
approaches to radical prostatectomy. Laparoscopic ...


Considering prostate cancer treatment options

... Most doctors now believe that external radiation, radical prostatectomy, and
brachytherapy all have about the same cure rates for the earliest stage ...


Surgery for prostate cancer

... The main type of surgery for prostate cancer is known as a radical
prostatectomy. ... Risks and side effects of radical prostatectomy. ...


References: Prostate cancer detailed guide

... Barnas JL, Pierpaoli S, Ladd P, et al. The prevalence and nature of orgasmic
dysfunction after radical prostatectomy. BJU Int. 2004;94:603-605. ...


Cancer Glossary

... See also neurovascular bundles, nerve-sparing prostatectomy, perineum,
prostate, radical prostatectomy, retropubic prostatectomy, testicles. ...



... Penile shortening after radical prostatectomy and Peyronie's surgery. ... Peyronie's
disease following radical prostatectomy: incidence and predictors. ...


Initial treatment of prostate cancer by stage

... For men who wish to start treatment, radiation therapy (external beam or
brachytherapy) or radical prostatectomy may be options. ...


Studies Help Clarify Link Between Obesity and Prostate ...

... that obesity increases the risk of disease recurrence among men with prostate
cancer who have undergone radical prostatectomy (total removal of ...


Cancer Facts & Figures 2010

... 10 years Active surveillance or radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy
(external beam or brachytherapy) Intermediate ...


Prostate Cancer

... This is often done in the same operation as the radical prostatectomy. ...
A radical prostatectomy can be done in different ways. ...