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randomized or randomization

a process in clinical trials that uses chance to assign participants to different groups that compare treatments. Randomization means that a person is assigned randomly to the treatment or control groups rather than based on a factor that might change the results. This helps reduce bias in the results that might happen, if, for example, the healthiest people all were assigned to a particular treatment group. See also control group, clinical trials.

A closer look at the evidence

... Randomization lowers the odds that one group will ... cannot prove that factors
besides random chance didn ... is a double-blind randomized clinical trial ...


Funding Source

... Randomization stratified by stage of cancer (0, I, ... from baseline to 6-weeks by
random assignment (no ... First Randomized Controlled Trial to: ...


Prostate Cancer Early Detection: Update 2010

... Benefit first seen 8-9 years after randomization Page 18. ERSPC ... 20,000 men
aged 50 to 64 randomized to screening (PSA q2 years) vs. ...


A closer look at the evidence

... Randomization lowers the odds that one group will ... cannot prove that factors
besides random chance didn ... is a double-blind randomized clinical trial ...


Effects of Exercise Training to Improve Cardiovascular ...

... 10 -5 0 5 10 Mean Difference IV, Random, 95% CI Favors control Favors
exercise Jones et al. ... Con 16 weeks 60 randomized 2. MBC 72 metastatic ...


MediaRoom - Press Releases

... report says recently published meta-analyses of results from randomized trials
of ... prevention trials of daily low-dose aspirin, randomization to aspirin ...


Study Examines Success Rates of Phase III Clinical Trials

... They're large-scale trials typically involving several hundred people who are
usually randomized (chosen at random) to get one treatment or the ...


Please Note: Reference to material from the following ...

... performance status of 0 or 1; smoking > cigarette in past 30 days •
Randomization: 432 patients were randomized • Baseline ...


Cancer Clusters

... If these cases of cancer do not seem to be random, they may need to be looked
at more closely to find out if they are due to the same cause or ...


Look at the science

... Randomization means that the treatment is compared ... prove that factors besides
random chance didn't ... is a double-blind, randomized clinical trial ...