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rectal surgery

surgery to remove rectal cancer, which is often the main treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy may be given before or after surgery. See also adjuvant therapy, chemotherapy, neoadjuvant therapy, radiation, rectum.

Treatment by stage of rectal cancer

... Giving radiation before surgery also tends to lead to fewer problems than giving
it after surgery. The rectal tumor and nearby lymph nodes are then ...


Surgery for colorectal cancer

... The types of surgery used to treat colon and rectal cancers are slightly different,
so they are described separately. Colon surgery. ... Rectal surgery. ...


Radiation therapy for colorectal cancer

... Radiation therapy can also be given to help control rectal cancers in people
who are not healthy enough for surgery or to ease (palliate) symptoms ...


Radiation treatment for colorectal cancer

... When it is used for rectal cancers before surgery, radiation is often combined
with chemotherapy. This is called chemoradiation. ...


Surgery for colorectal cancer

... Surgeries using this method go by different names, such as colectomy ... An
abdominoperineal (AP) resection is a surgery for rectal cancer where ...


Colorectal Cancer

... the colon. People who have had colon or rectal cancer removed by
surgery Within 1 ... Rectal surgery Surgery is usually the ...


Colorectal Cancer Overview

... Surgery is the main treatment for early colorectal ... Surgeries using this method
go by different ... Sometimes, especially with rectal cancer, there isn't ...


Chemotherapy for colorectal cancer

... surgery to try to shrink the cancer and make surgery easier. This is known
as neoadjuvant treatment and is often used in treating rectal cancer. ...


Evolution of cancer treatments: Surgery | American Cancer ...

... and in avoiding a colostomy for most patients with rectal cancer. ... on better
surgical instruments, but also on combining surgery with chemotherapy ...


Surgery for gastrointestinal carcinoid tumors | American ...

... If the tumor is larger than 2 cm, more surgery may be ... Rectal carcinoid tumors
may be excised (taken out) through the anus ... More extensive surgeries. ...